Best of: Travel Gear Blog

For those of you just now checking us out, here’s what Travel Gear Blog is all about, in an elevator speech:

We write about new stuff, funny stuff, dumb stuff, and even practical stuff as it relates to two things; gear (we call it “gear” ’cause it sounds so much more sophisticated than “stuff”) and travel. More specifically, how gear relates to different types of travel.

For our “best of” we’re going to link back to a couple of our more popular posts, and show you just what we’re all about. Think of it as a self-guided travel tour.




Funny Stuff: Augmented Breasts Will Require Additional Inspection at Airports
Dumb Stuff: Stuff your iPod | Puke in Style
New Stuff: Turn Your iPod Into a Computer | Voice Translator
Practical Stuff: Carry On Luggage: Restrictions & Rules | How To: Survive a Plane Crash

We also do serious, hands-on testing of products from courageous manufacturers who KNOW their product will stand up to field testing that usually amounts to more abuse than ordinary people would subject the gear they spend their hard-earned coin on. Here’s a couple of our latest:

On a related note, if you are a manufacturer or distributor and have products that you would like to have tested and reviewed by folks who are THE company in independent travel – BootsnAll – then just contact us to make arrangements.

Finally, Travel Gear Blog will point you to deals on gear, such as Discount Travel Gear, Discount Outdoor Gear, and Discount Winter Sports Gear. For it to be included in our deals, it’s got to be both useful gear and a real good deal. Ordinary sale items don’t cut it.