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Best Netbook Cases and Bags

netbook caseEver since the Netbook appeared on the tech scene a few short years ago, these tiny, affordable computers have quickly gained immense popularity with more and more models appearing each month with better and better features. It also means there have been a wide range of Netbook Accessories appearing on the market—to help make the little computers more effective and keep them safe.

The best part about these mini-laptops? They’re compact enough that you can usually toss them in your backpack, purse or messenger bag with all your other stuff—but it also means you’ll want to make sure you have a good case to protect the little guy when you do so.

While these little laptops cost a fraction of a typical notebook, that doesn’t mean you want it to get dinged up, dropped or generally jostled. They may cost only a few hundred dollars, but to me that is still definitely an investment worth keeping safe and scratch free.

Here are some of my favorite Netbook cases and bags:

Belkin Netbook Sleeve

Belkin Netbook Carrying Case

Chinese Laundry Croc Netbook Bag

Urban Tool SlotBar for Netbooks

Messenger Bag for Netbooks

REI Singular Sling for Netbooks

Targus 10.2 inch Slipskin-Peel Netbook Case

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