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Targus 10.2-Inch Slipskin-Peel Netbook Case

netbook caseTargus 10.2-Inch Slipskin-Peel Netbook Case—a simple, yet sturdy neoprene case for your netbook

If you aren’t look for a whole bag to carry around your netbook, and would rather opt for a simple, affordable case that’ll keep it safe when you shove the little computer into your book bag, you can’t do much better than this Targus 10.2 inch netbook case.

Part of the problem with finding netbook accessories, is that the small, mobile computers are simply too small to fit well in a conventional laptop case. This means you have to find cases specifically designed for the netbook’s smaller size.

The Targus 10.2 inch Slipskin-Peel netbook case holds up to a 10.2 inch laptop—and fits snugly around mist netbooks. It’s the perfect protective element to slip on if you are grabbing the netbook alone, or shoving it in another bag before taking off (armed with wi-fi).

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The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get one:
Targus 10.2-Inch Slipskin-Peel Netbook Case

Why it Rocks:

    • Designed to protect up to 10.2″” netbooks
    • Sleek design, provides a snug fit to the netbook
    • Durable neoprene material
    • Smooth slipskin material
    • Standalone or inside another case

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

You can’t really beat the price on this netbook case—at just $7.99 it’s a great, cheap way to give your little computer a little extra protection. While it’s hardly shock and waterproof, the neoprene case is sure to keep it safe in your bag and keep it from getting scratched up.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:

Targus 10.2-Inch Slipskin-Peel Netbook Case