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Best Backpacking Hammocks

Best Backpacking Hammocks – the best lightweight, feature-packed backpacking hammocks

When it comes to lightweight shelters that are packed full of features it is pretty hard to beat a backpacking hammock.

Many of the bast backpacking hammocks out there weigh just as much as the typical lightweight backpacking shelters, but their real selling point is that just about every backpacking hammock offers way more features than a simple lightweight shelter ever could.

So, just what kind of features are we talking about here?

For starters, sleeping comfort. Typical lightweight shelters tend to be nothing more than a tarp and maybe a foot print or ground tarp.  In order to have a comfortable sleeping area you have to bring along a sleeping pad, but with a backpacking hammock you get comfort right out of the box.  No need to bring along a sleeping pad alongside your backpacking hammock unless you insist on bringing one along for the added comfort.  As a result, you have cut out a sleeping pad from your packing list making your load a little lighter already.

Another great feature is the amount of protection some of the more popular backpacking hammocks can offer. A typical lightweight shelter will only going protect you from light rain or snow.  Not to mention that none of the lightweight shelters out there protect you from bugs. Many of the top of the line backpacking hammocks protect your from all of the above and then some!

Check out some of the popular backpacking hammocks we have reviewed:

I personally have a Hennesy Hammock and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I actually keep in my truck behind my seat for all those unplanned camp outs that come with being a whitewater rafting guide.   I have taken that sucker all over the world and slept in jungle rain in Costa Rica and through cold winter months in the North Georgia mountains without a single complaint.

The only major downside with backpacking hammocks is that there is only enough room for one person. Yes, this is an obvious fact, but I point it out for couples who backpack together. Many couples like to share a tent together, which means they probably wouldn’t enjoy a backpacking hammock so take a look here and find out how to choose the best tent for your travels.