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Clark Jungle Hammock

Clark Jungle Hammock – Not your grandma’s hammock

If you do any type of hiking, backpacking, or back country travel; and haven’t heard of the Clark Jungle Hammock, you’re missing out. The Jungle Hammock is a super, light weight, shelter to say the least. The hammock has become a favorite for AT hikers, jungle trekkers, and those who just like to pack light.  The Clark Jungle Hammock is a four season shelter that is sure to amaze you.


The hammock only weighs about two pounds and fits in its own stuff sack. Features vary from model to model, but they all have some things in common.

• No-tip design (Absolutely will not tip…no matter what)
• Fully netted with zippered entry
• Pockets for gear
• Built-in stuff bag system
• Exit and entry from two sides
• Aluminum drip rings
• Bungee cord tie-downs
• Ample waterproof rain fly designed to keep you dry
• Detachable rain fly and netting (for times when you want to just see the sky)
• Easy to set up (as short as 3 minutes when you get ‘the hang of it’)

A feature I thought was really neat was the sewn in instructions. There are illustrated instructions on how to tie a bowline knot around a tree, sewn right into the tarp. If you have never slept in a Clark Jungle Hammock, you don’t know what you are missing. They are comfortable “as-is”, but if you really want to sleep like a king I suggest a air mattress. Throwing in a slightly deflated air mattress adds a touch of luxury.

Prices start at $179.00 and go up from there, and if you ask me, it’s a steal.

Want to get your hands on a Clark Jungle Hammock? Check them out here.