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Airline Comfort Set from Dreamsacks Review

With airlines cutting back on amenities across the board, chances are you’ll have a difficult time tracking down a pillow or blanket unless you’re on a long-haul flight. Even if you do, domestic coach-class tuck-ins are only laundered every two weeks. So, pretend that’s about 4-5 people a day, times 14 days, and you’re looking at a less-than-clean alternative should you be able to track one down.

The alternative? Bring your own. Flight kits come with an array of options – everything from toothbrushes to earplugs to blankets. In 2002, DreamSacks branched into airline comfort, offering a blanket, eye mask and pillowcase in their basic set.

For $59, it’s a solid investment – for the eye mask alone! Made of soft silk with an extra ‘barrier’ against the light, it’s one of the most comfortable I’ve tried. The pillowcase is made of the same material. Don’t expect to use it at home, however – it’s airline-sized.

The blanket, with a large ‘pocket’ for your feet, is made of a heavier silk and is surprisingly warm. Unlike other stuff sacks, the one accompanying the Airline Comfort Set is actually large enough to fit the rolled up blanket, pillow case and eye shades!

The whole package easily slides inside a carry-on or a large purse and weighs less than a pound.

Why Have it: You spend more time on the planes than you do on the ground…or you simply want a little more comfort when you travel.
Why Leave it Behind: You already have an airline kit, or fly first class where they give you one.
Super Cool Extra: Step it up a notch with a silk/cashmere blanket in the Luxury Travel Kit.

Airline Comfort Sets are available online at for $59.