DreamSack Review

Most travelers have, at some point or another, come across a bed with sheets that look like they haven’t been washed since the hostel opened in the 70s. A common backpacker response to this problem is to drag along a sleeping bag. Unfortunately, sleeping bags are often bulky, heavy and annoying to carry. Plus, some hostels don’t allow them, as they may carry bed bugs from other locations. So what’s a traveler to do?

An answer lies in the DreamSack, a 100% silk bag that can be used to both in – and out – of a sleeping bag. The bag fits into a small pouch and weighs less than half a pound.

Don’t worry if you’re a sprawler like me – the extra-roomy opening DreamSack stretches out to the size of a twin bed, allowing ample arm and leg flailing room. The side opening enables the ‘kick a leg out’ phenomenon as well, for optimal temperature balancing. There is also a place to insert a full sized pillow, for total silk cocooning.




The silk is easily washed by hand or on a machine’s gentle cycle, although the lighter colors are best avoided by those who expect to put their DreamSack to extensive use. It air-dries quickly, making it a perfect choice for on-the-go travelers who don’t have three days of sun and a courtyard to hang their damp sleeping bag.

The DreamSack is also excellent for camping, as it can be used as a replacement for, or liner in, a sleeping bag, depending on the conditions. Want a little pampering at home? The DreamSack is an excellent replacement for silk sheets. It’s so comfortable, I’ve yet to sleep without it.

Why Have it: It gives you peace of mind, comfort and luxury all in one.
Why Leave it Behind: You plan on staying in places where the sheets are clean and probably silk anyway.
Super Cool Extra: You don’t have to sleep solo – DreamSacks come in queen and king size as well.

For those that can’t get enough of silk products, DreamSack.com offers a variety of items including bedding, pajamas and gifts.