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6 Backpacking Tents Under $100

Looking for a quality backpacking tent, but don’t have a lot cash to spend? Then this list is just for you! This list contains 6 quality, name brand, tents that are all less than $100. There are all kinds of backpacking tents on this list. From single person shelters to 4 season tents, there is a little bit of everything.


HIGH PEAK Enduro 4 Season Backpacking Tent
Did you ever think you would see a 4 season tent for under $100? This bad boy is just that. The entire tent weighs less than seven pounds. Split that between you and your hiking buddy and you have an all weather shelter that weighs next to nothing (comparatively speaking of course). this tent sets up in minutes, even if you are by yourself. The vestibule gives you plenty of room for gear, cooking, and more.


Kelty Crestone
This single person backpacking tent is made for any type of weather short of harsh winter weather. A nice feature of this single person tent is that it actually comes with a gear vestibule. Keep your gear beside the tent and under the rain fly to keep it nice and dry. The color coded clips makings setting up the tent a breeze, even in the worst of conditions.


Lighthaven by Outdoor Research
This pocket size shelter is ideal for emergency survival kits, light weight hikers, skiers, or paddlers. The tent weighs one pound and is designed to be setup with ski or trekking poles. You can also buy two poles for the tent, but they are sold separately. The tent is simple and designed to shed water, wind, snow, etc and trap in heat.


Eureka Solitare Solo Tent
Still of the “best bang for your buck” single person tents out there. This tent is perfect for backpackers who want a small shelter but dont like bivys and need more than just roof. The tent is light weight, sets up fast, and costs less than $70.


Eureka – Spitfire One Person Tent
Solo Eureka Spitfire Tent Review
If you need more room than the Solitare tent can provide, you may want to check this guy out. It has enough head room that you can probably sit up straight in it. Unlike man other solo tents, this one has a side entry, making it easy to get in and out of. Only down side here is the tent requires two stakes to setup.


Mountainsmith Edge
A great group backpacking tent, the Moutainsmith Edge can hold three people and gear without making everyone feel packed in. the vestibule has 15 square feet of space, plenty of room for 3 peoples gear. Divided the weight of this tent between you and your buddies and it will weigh next to nothing.