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Solo Eureka SpitFire Tent

tent1.jpgSolo Eureka SpitFire Tent – Plenty of room for any solo hiker.

The solo Eureka SpitFire tent brings the simple luxuries of larger multi-person tents into the world of backpacking tents. Its amazing the simple features that many tent manufactures overlook when creating one person backpacking tents. Who says that just because the tent is for one person it needs to be small and fit like a prom dress?

While the solo Eureka SpitFire tent is small and light enough for the average backpacker, it still has plenty of room to offer. The solo Eureka SpitFire tent offers much more headroom then other tents in its class. Even the largest of backpackers cant sit up and have inches to spare.

Fast Facts:

  • Two-pole hoop tent
  • Tent body is constructed entirely of no-see-um mesh to maximize air flow
  • Vestibule for extra storage space
  • Bathtub floor with taped seams
  • Center height of 40 inches; weighs 2 pounds, 12 ounces

There is also a well sized vestibule for all your gear. The solo Eureka SpitFire tents vestibule is large enough to keep your pack, shoes, and even cooking gear under. The large side door on the solo Eureka SpitFire tent makes getting to your gear from inside the tent super easy.

The solo Eureka SpitFire tents full coverage rain fly has a poke out vent that is collapsible from the inside. Keep it closed durring the colder months to keep the heat in. Should you get a little toasty durring the night just pop it back out to let the tent air out.

During the summer months you can leave the rainfly at home. The solo Eureka SpitFire tent is covered in mesh. Lay back and enjoy the stars and the cool summer breeze in the solo Eureka SpitFire tent.