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zuca bags
Zuca – The ultimate bag thing for lazy people.

I have no clinical data, but I’m pretty sure that backpacks are causing the downfall of the human race. For the last ten years, backpacks and luggage have been engineered for the lazy. Think about it, first we had rolling luggage; was it really that hard to have to carry your own suitcase? Then came rolling backpacks; are you kidding me? Now we have the ZUCA.

What the hell is a ZUCA you ask? From the looks of the website, the ZUCA Company isn’t really sure.

Heres a quote from the home page:

  • School Book Bag?
  • Backpack On Wheels?
  • Ultimate Seat Case?
  • Business Briefcase?
  • Ergonomic Rolling Bag?
  • Extreme Carry-all?
  • Scrapbook Organizer?
  • Makeup Artists Delight?
  • Primo Book Bag?
  • Ice Skate Gear Bag?
  • Amazing Sales Case?
  • Portable Workspace?

Could they be any more confused? I’ll tell you what the ZUCA is; it’s a rolling carry-on bag for people who get so tired form walking, that they have to stop dead in their tracks and sit down, but are to lazy to sit all the way down on the ground, and need a chair at their beck and call.

One of the key features of the ZUCA bag is that you can sit on it. Is it really too much trouble to walk to an empty seat? Or did dragging your rolling bag wear you out too much? Does no else see what this is doing to humanity? With such a high rate of obesity and heart conditions in this country you would think the FDA would ban such products.