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Ziploc Travel Bags

Recently I have been talking a lot about the TSA rule of 3-1-1. The rule that if you will be carrying on toiletries you are limited to the number of 3 ounce container that you can fit in 1 quart size zip up bag. Not sandwich bags, not fold over bags, but zip up bags, aka Ziploc bags.

Since this has made TSA the unofficial spokes person for the Ziploc bag company, I’m sure profits have increased. But obviously that haven’t increased enough.

The other day my girlfriend was at the store buying the little plastic bottles to make her TSA friendly toiletry kit. To keep in line with the requirements, she made her way to the zip up bags. Apparently, no longer do you have to buy an entire box of standard 1 quart Ziploc bags.

Now they have a handy dandy 8 pack of specially branded Ziploc travel bags. I’m not sure what the real difference is between these and say, 1 quart freezer Ziploc bags is, anything for an extra buck I guess.