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X Marks the Spot Book Review

X Marks the Spot Book Review – How to live and work abroad for yourself.
Buy Here: $14.00

Like many travelers I have often wondered about he prospect of living abroad or becoming a permanent traveler. For some, one good round the world trip is all they need to satisfy there urge to travel. For others, it simply fuels the flame and get them seriously thinking about how they can mve and live abroad.

There are plenty of books on the subject of moving abroad. Some of them good, some of them not so good. The problem with most of the moving abroad books on the market is that many assume one thing; that you will already have some sort of income once you move there.

This is fine and dandy if you plan on waiting until your 65 and want to retire overseas. What about the 20 something out there that don’t want to wait until they are old to do the things they want? Is this sort of lifestyle out of the question until then? It most certainly is not.

The book is called, X Marks the Spot and its all about moving AND working overseas. The book starts out by helping plan the logistics of your trip, but also covers many of the mental and physcological aspects of this type of move.
More importantly the book teaches you ways that you can support yourself in this sort of lifestyle. It provides you with a good blueprint to start your new life abroad.

You’ll find a unique prespective on the basics of moving overseas. The entire book is gear toward working overseas, thus many of the tips and logestics keep that in mind. Running a business remotely isnt all wireless internet and pina coladas on the beach. Have you figured out how youre going to recive phone calls, get snail mail, have tela-meetings?

At about $15, this is well worth the money if you are intrested in living the dream and working aborad from where ever you choose. What have you got to loose? Buy Here: $14.00