Writers Market

Writers Market – As one writer put it, you can’t justify not buying this book.

The Writers Market is a must have for any serious travel writer. The book its self is an ever growing list of publications, newspapers, magazines, and more that work with freelancers. Use the book to find out what editors look for, how to get in touch with them, and what they pay.

The Writers Market is truly helpful because it provides all the information a freelance travel writer could want or need. In addition to the wealth of information provided about each publication, the book is also updated yearly and has an online version. If you are gallivanting around and don’t feel like carrying around the massive print version, sign up for your free online account; perfect for travel writers on the go!




Here are some of the sections found under each publication:

  • How to contact the publication
  • What they pay
  • Recent authors published
  • Tone and Flavor
  • Current Needs
  • Turn around time

If you really want to break into professional travel writing, you need this book. If you just want to make a hobby of travel writing, spend your money elsewhere. One this is for certain, if you buy this book you won’t be disappointed.

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