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Wrap-n-Mat: The great alternative to plastic baggies

wrap-n-matThe wrap-n-mat—great for the green traveler and the non-traveler

We’re all looking for little ways to live and travel a little greener these days. And while you may not be able to afford carbon offsets just or yet or aren’t willing to shell out a bunch of cash to replace your luggage with newer, more environmentally friendly luggage made from recycled products and eco-friendly materials, there are a few green travel items you can get that won’t cost you a whole lot of money and are still environmentally friendly. The wrap-n-mat is one of them. In fact, I would even go as far as to say every one should have one of these, whether you are headed out traveling or staying put at home.

The wrap-n-mat is essentially replaces the need for a sandwich baggie or Ziploc. It holds pretty much any flat-ish food (whether it be pizza, crackers, cookies or a sandwich) and keeps it wrapped up and fresh. Plus, while you conscious will rest at ease knowing you aren’t tossing yet another piece of plastic in the trash, it also saves you both time and money (no going to the store to restock those plastic baggies).

You may be wondering why the wrap-n-mat is so great for traveling. Well, because unlike its re-usable food storage cousin Tupperwear, the wrap-n-may is nearly paper thin, meaning you save valuable room in your purse or suitcase. Sine airlines have mandated their starvation policy on planes and no longer give out snacks or meals, I frequently bring snacks along with me and I rarely have room in my already stuffed bag for a Tupperwear container. Even if the only time you use your wrap-n-mat while traveling is for your midflight PB & J, it’s well worth it (though I guarantee you will find more uses for it).

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The quick& dirty:
Where you can get one:
Wrap-N-Mat Reusable Sandwich Wrap with PEVA Liner – Green

Why it rocks:

  • Small, compact
  • Takes up less space than Tupperwear
  • You don’t have to buy plastic baggies anymore!
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Comes with PEVA lined plastic (not harmful)
  • Cheap
  • Washes easily

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 10 out of 10

It may seem odd that something so simple isn’t more widely used. This little mat is so convenient. It’s great for traveling, or for bringing your sandwich to work. It washes easily, it’s cheap, it’s compact and it’s just something every traveler and every person should probably have. It doesn’t take up room in your bag, is perfect for carrying leftovers or snacks and is a great companion to any traveler.

Looking to Buy? Here’s where you can get one (or 10!):
Wrap-N-Mat Reusable Sandwich Wrap with PEVA Liner – Green