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Womens Winter Boots

Womens winter boots are sometimes mistaken for outdoor snow boots. Booth of these types of footwear are made to keep your feet warm. The main difference in the two is that womens winter boots don’t have all the bells and whistles of snow boots.

Winter Boots

The idea behind womens winter boots is to be stylsish and functional. Typically womens winter boots designed to be taken on and off quickly. The idea behind this is that the winter boots are used more for chores around the house, than for backcountry hikes. Think of womens winter boots as slippers, but for out in the snow. Snow boots are the exact opposite. They are designed for extended use in the backcountry and don’t come on or off quickly.

Another feature of womens winter boots is that they are generally only waterproof from the ankle down. The additional area of the boot may be water replant, but will generally become soaked if exposed to snow or water long enough. Womens winter boots are perfect for casual outings in cold weather, around camp, or chores around the house.

Here are some of my top picks for womens winter boots:

  • The North Face Bella Alta
  • Keen Vail
  • Baffin Snogoose
  • Columbia Sportswear Cascadian Summette
  • Keen Dakota

Do you do a lot of winter camping? What is your favorite pair of womens winter boots? What do you look for in winter boots?