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Winter Boots

Winter boots are often confused with snow boots. While both are designed to keep your feet warm, winter boots have a few less features. Think of it this way; winter boots are like your all purpose tennis shoe, while snow shows are like your specialty work boots.

Winter Boots

What is a winter boot?
Winter boots are typically designed for warmth, style, and ease of use. By ease of use I simply mean that winter boots are usually made to come on and off quickly. Many winter boots either slip on or use quick ties for easy lacing. Your traditional snow boot is surely going to be a tall, lace up, boot that takes a few minutes to put on and take off.

Winter boots are also usually only waterproof from the ankle down. They may have a water repellent material around the rest of the boot, but it probably won’t keep you dry if submerged for too long. Most winter boots are only designed for casual wear or daily chores. If you are going to be climbing through snow for hours or days on end, you will want to look into some snow boots.

Here are some of my top picks for winter boots:
Sorel Mounty Pull On
The North Face Off Chute
• Columbia Frontier Peak GTX
• Columbia Cascadian Gorge
• The North Face Baltoro HV 200

Do you do a lot of winter hiking or climbing? What type of winter boots of snow boots do you wear? Tell me about them below.