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Wine Skins

Wine Skins – Get your booze home safe.

Who can argue the fact that buying tax free booze isn’t one of the best perks about traveling? I sure can’t. But with buying duty free liquor comes the dilemma of getting it home in one piece. Airline luggage handlers sure don’t care if a bottle of Crown Royal breaks in your bag. Nor is it any skin off their back if they crush a bottle of wine in your bag. Leaving your entire wardrobe stained with red wine. So what’s a traveling alcoholic to do?

Wine Skin

The answer my drinking buddies is simple, the Wine Skin.

No, the Wine Skin isn’t some sort of weird Eastern condom. It is an inexpensive way for you to get your bottles of booze home safely.

What exactly is a Wine Skin you ask?

• A tough, flexible and durable plastic wrap with dialectrically sealed seams all around
• A protective, bubble-wrap interior designed to provide shock- and impact-absorption
• A dual-strip sealing system that provides a leak-proof lock against liquid loss in the event of breakage
• Affordable
• Attractive ( um I have to argue this, it is after all just bubble wrap )
• Available for custom imprinting

The idea behind the Wine Skin is simple enough and I for one will be ordering a few to take on my next trip to Central America. I’ll let you know how they work if I can still remember after I consume the bottle in which they were protecting.