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What to wear under ski pants

longunerwearYou’ve got the ski jacket, the snowpants, the goggles, the gloves, and the helmet, and you’re feeling ready to hit the slopes—but before you get dressed you may have one looming question: What should I wear under my ski pants?

Because what you wear UNDER your ski clothes is often just as important as the outwear (in keeping you warm and comfortable), you’ll want to make sure you’ve got some solid base layers on before you hit the slopes.

What you wear under your ski pants will depend on how cold it is and what your ski pants are like. If you’ve got a pair of insulated pants, you can wear less than if you only have ski pant shells. On colder days, you may want a few more layer than on warm ones.

However, I almost always wear the same thing under my ski pants, and I just add extra layers of the same thing depending on the pants I wear and the weather outside. Tights and/or long underwear is my clothing of choice—not only will it keep the bulk factor down (staying close to your body), but material that fits closely to your body will also be better at keeping you warm.

Here are some of the major brands and/or styles of long underwear for skiing:

Hot Chillys

I absolutely love my pair of Hot Chillys long underwear tights and find myself wearing them in more places than just out on the slopes. They also will last you many seasons.

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Under Armour

As you may have guessed by the name, Under Armour also makes a wide variety of base layer clothing items. Another high-quality, good brand that’ll last many seasons and keep you warm.

>>Check out Under Armour Heatgear Leggings MensUnder Armour base layer styles


I have always loved Patagonia’s base layer options. Not only do they fit super well, they are comfortable and will last you forever. I have a pair of Patagonia long underwear that’s going on it’s 6th or 7th season and still looks and feels great.

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North Face

Of course North Face makes high quality, warm ski base layers. While certainly not always the cheapest option, you are sure to get high quality long underwear.

>>Check out The North Face Men’s XTC Midweight Tight and other North base layer styles


Icebreaker’s base layers are made from pure New Zealand merino –a place known for its sheep and its mountains. Smart Wool is definitely a great way to go for your base layer, and these guys do wool right.

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Photo by RedRanch on Flickr