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What Tech Gear Should You Bring on a Round the World (RTW) Trip?

With all the restrictions on flying these days, figuring out what kind of tech gear to pack when heading out of town is problematic for many. Nearly every airline charges for checking bags, so traveling light has become very popular for many. But what about those who are planning a round the world trip? What should long-term travelers think about when packing for a RTW trip?

As with anything travel related, it all depends on the traveler. We all travel differently, so what’s good for one may not be for someone else. There are plenty of RTW travelers who would rather not bring anything tech related, arguing that is precisely what they are trying to get away from. Many have been tethered to their smart phones for too long, so the last thing they want to do is bring it with them on their RTW trip.

But others want to have that convenience. Some work while on the road, so a laptop is a necessary item to have. Even if you don’t have to work while traveling, many RTW travelers like to have something like a laptop or an iPad to store photos and still have a connection to the outside world. Our sister site over at BootsnAll has several articles discussing things like what tech gear to pack on a RTW trip, so be sure to head over to their revamped RTW planning guide and see what they have to say.

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