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Wedding Gift Registry for Adventurers

What is it about a wedding that convinces friends and family to buy you typical household items- like toasters and ice cream scoops? Do they, for some strange reason, think that between two people, one of them doesn’t own a toaster? Or that single people don’t eat ice cream? Wedding gifts, registries, borrowed, blue, it’s all beyond me.


As a guy, I look forward to the honeymoon. With the obvious reasons aside, it’s a quality trip at someone else’s expense. Since you already have all the household appliances you need, why not get the most out of your honeymoon?

Traveler’s Joy is a website that will help you do just that. It offers a service that lets you plan every aspect of your honeymoon, making your plans into a gift registry. Who needs a toaster when you can dive with sharks in Fiji?

All you have to do is create a custom gift registry on the website, decide where you want to go, what you want to do, and how you want to get there. Traveler’s Joy will even provide you with gift registry inserts to send out with your invitations.

Credit cards in hand, your guests then log onto your Traveler’s Joy web page and help fund your honeymoon. They can choose to donate any given amount of cash or pick from your list of activities and items.

Not a shabby substitute for the typical wedding gift registry.

What would you ask for on your honeymoon? (Not that! This is a family site.) Share by leaving a comment.