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Water Shoes

Looking for water shoes? Let us help you find the one you want with our guide you by listing the best ones that we’re able to find. merrell shoes

Looking to buy a pair? Here are some of the most popular water shoes out today:

Keen Hood River
Keen Roatan
Teva Guide Sandals
Teva Dozer
Chaco Sandals
• Merrell Waterpro Ultra-Sport

Water Shoes – These ain’t your uncles water socks!

It seems like everything is some sort of a hybrid these days. We have hybrid cars, hybrid plans, hybrid kayaks; the list goes on and on. Before too long we won’t even remember what the original of anything was like. But to the point, hybrid shoes have really been taking the market since their inception. The idea of design a shoe/sandal to accommodate multiple terrains and activities was such a good idea. It almost makes you wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner.

Companies like Teva, Keen, Merrell, and more have all come up with some stellar water shoes. These hybrid sandal shoes are perfect for summer hikes, travels, and jaunts. Many hikiers and avaid outdoor enthusiast are replacing their bulky old hiking books with these lighter and more comfortable water shoes.

Through wind, rain, sleet, and snow; the hybrid water shoes will get you where you need to go. Being that I’m a raft guide, I’ve seen just about all the water shoes out there. Unfortunately I’m pretty partial to my Teva Guide sandals, so I haven’t tried many of the others out. I’d love to hear what you think about any of your water shoes.

Got a pair of these water shoes / hiking shoes you like? Let us know!