Want to Write About Travel Gear?

You might be a good writer for Travel Gear Blog if:
Write For Travel Gear Blog

  • You’re the type of person who sleeps on your camping pad and sleeping bag inside your house just to try out your new gear.
  • You time yourself to see how fast you can set up your tent.
  • You time your camping stove to see if it can boil water faster than your stove, AND your microwave.
  • The word “cruise” to you means a 2 person kayak or a canoe.
  • You own more bags than you have ever used, and you still stop to check out the new gear, just in case…
  • You know everything there is to know about digital cameras
  • Only your dad has worn out more pairs of hiking boots and that’s just because he’s older
  • You wish you could parachute out of the plane over your destination instead of going through an airport in some dumb city
  • You’ve spent more time on watercraft than you have in a car
  • You have every brand of luggage memorized
  • The words “travel” and “exploring” are synonymous to you.
  • You haven’t met a gadget you couldn’t find some use for
  • You go into debt just so you can get the airmiles from your credit card purchases

Ya feelin’ us? The come join the team and check out the writing jobs at Travel Gear Blog.