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Wanderlite Packable Daypack

Wanderlite Packable Daypack – Not a bad idea.

Any savy traveler knows that a daypack is worth its weight in gold. The problem is, most of them are bulky and take up precious luggage real estate. True, you could check your luggage at the gate and carry on a daypack. But who wants to carry around backpack in the airport if they dont have to? Thanks to the clever minds at Barefoot Enterprise, now you can pack a daypack in your suitcase, briefcase, or even your pocket.

The Wanderliet Packable Daypack is just what it sounds like. This suckers packs up into a 3 x 3 x5 area. Thats roughly that size of a soda can. That leaves you hands free in the airport, plenty of extra space in your luggage, and still lets you bring your daypack.

There aren’t all the bells and whistles of expensive daypacks on the Wanderlite Packable Daypack, but thats not the point now is it? If you need a big daypack for your trip, by all means get one. If you just need a daypack for sight seeing, jaunts around town, or short outings; the Wanderlite Packable Daypack is perfect.

The Wanderlite Packable Daypack is much like the basic “school style” backpack. It has one large main compartment and a smaller accessory pocket on the outside. There are simple shoulder straps, standard zippers, and not much more. Basically, it has the bare necessities, which is more than enough for its purpose.

All and all I think the Wanderliet Packable Daypack is a pretty good idea. Check out the manufacturers website for more information.