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Volkl All Equipment Wheeled Ski Bag

volklwheeledskibag09 Volkl All Ski Equipment Wheeled Bag—the put-all-your-ski-shit in one spot bag

Growing up, I owned several pairs of Volkl skis and this season they proven yet again that not only do they offer some of the best skis on the market, but they also have a line of luggage to match. While some ski bags and sleeves don’t do well withstanding rugged conditions, rough baggage handlers at the airport or getting scuffed up on graveled snowy roads, this Volkl bag is extra durable and made to last.

The entire Volkl line of bags are made to be both functional and durable. This bag is constructed from 600 denier poly/pvc and has non-skid pvc trim, waterproof backing, double stiched seams in the vulnerable spots, rivets at important stress point, heavy duty ziipers, rugged bounded seams and extra padding to protect that expensive gear you keep inside. This Volkl bag also features a reinforced hard bottom with plastic coated runners. In other words, these bags were made to travel to the ends of the world and back—and withstand the roughest of conditions for years on end. With so many features that stress durability, you’d be hard pressed to break or destroy this bag even if you tried.

The bag is also huge, meaning you shove a whole hell of a lot of you ski gear into one bag. It measures 79” x 13” x 7.” The Volkl All Equipment Wheeled ski bag has room for two pairs of skies, poles and additional room for other items and gear essentials. It is also possible to fit a snowboard in the bag with the 2 pairs of skis, though the bindings would have to be removed. There are compression straps to make the bag smaller if you don’t use all that space as well.

The bag also comes equipped with high quality in-line skate wheels that make it easy to move around and give effortless movement of all that heavy equipment.

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The quick & dirty:
Where you can get one:
Buy the Volkl All Equipment wheeled ski bag

Why it Rocks:

  • Made from 600 denier poly/pvc
  • Non-skid pvc trim
  • Waterproof backing
  • Double stitched important seams
  • Rivets at important stress points
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Extra padding
  • Reinforced hard bottom with plastic coated metal runner
  • Wheels that allow you to roll all that heavy gear
  • I-line skate wheels for easy mobility
  • 79” x 13” x7” in size

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8 out of 10

If you are looking for a bag and the most important thing to you is being able to fit a whole bunch of stuff in one bag and durability, you can’t do much better than this Volkl bag. With so many features designed specifically for durability, this bag is tough and can easily withstand even the roughest treatment. Plus, it’s super big, allowing you to not only fit multiple pairs of skis inside, but also shove a bunch of your other gear in it at the same time. The wheels also make it easy to get around (especially when it’s full and heavy).

Looking to Buy? Here’s where you can pick one up:
Buy the Volkl All Equipment wheeled ski bag