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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him: Ideas for the Traveler

backpackerValentine’s Day isn’t exactly a holiday based around men. My best guess is that most men don’t really want chocolates or jewelry or flowers on Valentine’s Day.

So, what can you do for your travel-loving and gear head boyfriend or husband on Valentine’s Day? Well the best way to his heart this Valentine’s Day is probably getting something he’s been dying to buy himself like a shiny new piece of climbing or hiking equipment.

Get him something he’ll love, he’ll use and that’ll put a big smile on his face when he opens it. And, in the midst of a recession, you can tout practicality if you buy something you know he’s sure to use and love.

The best part? Buying travel gear doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, there are plenty of affordable items that would make for a perfect Valentine’s gift for the man in your life. For ideas, browse our nothing over $50 gift ideas for travelers post or see some fabulous ideas below:

Take Him on a Trip

Since I am usually one who prefers to spend my money on experiences and memories rather than on things, I think the most terrific Valentine’s Day gift is a trip the two of you can take together. Not only will you get to be a part of it (making it kind of like a gift for both of you), you’re sure to make your travel-loving boyfriend or husband a happy camper.

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Petzl Zipka Plus LED Headlamp

Headlamps are always a good travel and outdoor essential and many folks like to have at least a couple of these around the house. If you are looking for an easy Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend or husband, a headlamp would surely be appreciated (and you won’t break the bank either; this top-end headlamp is only $35)

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Passive Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Being able to cancel out the noise around you can be pretty useful for travelers, but not if it means packing super expensive headphones that take up as much space as a book. Instead, enhance the cheap-o earbuds that came with your iPod with foam tips that fill your ear canal. Your music will sound far better when you block out much of the noise around you, no extra batteries required.

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Swiss Army Knife

All travel and outdoors-men need a Swiss Army Knife! You can have them engraved to make the gift something special. I recommend the kind with a corkscrew and a bottle opener so you can open your favorite beverages on the road (like a romantic bottle of bubbly on a picnic), but there many versions with different tools.

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Universal Travel Adapter

For anyone who likes to cross borders, a universal travel adapter will totally come in handy. They make transformer-style adapters with plugs that fold out, pop out, and twist out according to what you need at the time, good for 150 or so countries.

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Osprey Talon 22 Travel Pack

This is an absolutely great all around travel pack. He can use it for shorter trips, and even stretch it to accommodate enough stuff for a longer trip if packing light. Small enough to be a daypack, big enough to go overnight. Your traveling man is sure to be happy with this pack.

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A Leatherman is a Swiss army knife with a hefty shot of testosterone. It’s a gift that says, “I can already open a can, thanks. But, what I’d really like to do is go spear my own fish.” It has stuff your guy will use. Pliers. Screwdrivers. Wire cutters. BOTTLE OPENERS. In short, this is a made-to-last, hardcore, intelligently-designed, super manly multi-tool.

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GoPro Hero Helmet Camera

If you’re up for spending a bit more dough on your tech-ed out adrenaline junkie hubby or boyfriend, go GoPro. These lightweight, durable, and water resistant helmet cameras let you easily record your life’s adventures whether they be surfing, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing, or just cruising around the country on a motorcycle.

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Serengeti Polar PhD Sunglasses

I gave these sunglasses to my boyfriend and he absolutely loves them. Not only do the lenses have special military technology that adjust the shade of the lenses depending on light (my guess is that he’ll think that’s way cool), but they look great and are super lightweight.

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