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Uvex Magic Goggles

f1_black_mUvex Magic Goggles—The “magic” goggles that allow you to change the tint depending on the light conditions.

If you’ve ever been out on the slopes on a day that started cloudy and ended with full sunshine (or vice versa), you know that sometimes the goggles you started with in the morning may not be the best ones for the afternoon.

One solution was to carry several pairs of goggles of various tints and pick out the best one for the day–usually in the car or looking out the ski lodge window. But sometimes those partly cloudy skies could go either way, I’ve wished I had goggles where you could manually turn a crank and roll down plastic of increasing tint – like a pull down shade.

Well, Uvex now has a goggle that can do essentially just that. UVEX Sports has come out with a goggle that changes tint with the push of a button. It sounds like magic – the goggle is called Magic – and I’m not tricking you – they work.

The UVEX Magic Goggle has a double lens that uses state-of-the-art liquid crystal technology to allow the switching of the lens from a high-contrast lens for flat light to a darker lens for sunny conditions.

The Uvex Magic goggle has a small battery pack attached to the goggle’s head band holds the small 2 CR 2032 batteries, an on/off switch, and the activation button. With the battery current not applied to the liquid crystals, the lens allow 50% light transmission. When the switch is activated the lens darkens to allow only 25% light transmission.

That little magic trick is performed in 1/10 of a second. For example, when skiing out of tree cover into bluebird sunshine, reach up, put a small amount of pressure on the dime size, easy to find spring switch on the bottom of the battery pack and bingo – darkened goggles.

Back into the trees, or into a shaded or fogged area – a quick touch to the switch and you are back to a lighter lens.

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The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get ‘em:
UVEX Magic Ski Goggle

Why they Rock:

    • Lens tint: VALiD Lens from AlphaMicron Inc.
    Switch from high-contrast lasergold lite to darker lasergold with the touch of a button.
    VALiD off – transmission 60% absorption 40%
    VALiD on – transmission 32% absorption 68%
    • Lens Type: Cylindrical double lens with a liquid crystal substrate sandwiched between the lenses.
    • Frame Color: silver metallic
    • Goggle Size: medium
    • Helmet Compatible?: Yes

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get ‘em:
UVEX Magic Ski Goggle