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Tubbs Venture Series Snowshoes

41-wf1kc6nl_sl500_aa280_Tubbs Venture Series Snowshoes—lightweight, easy-to-use snowshoe perfect for exploring the outdoors in the winter

Maybe you’ve been up snowshoeing several times now, using rentals or borrowing pairs, and you’ve decided it’s time to invest in a pair of your own. While you may need snowshoes that are slightly more advanced than the Redfeather Hike shoes, you also just need an affordable, easy to use pair of snowshoes.

If that sounds like you and you are eager to start breaking trail without breaking your budget, the Tubbs Venture Series Snowshoe is a great bridge into true wilderness snowshoeing.

The Venture Series has an asymmetrical ReAct binding for custom foot-specific fit and the all-day comfort you’ll need on longer hikes. The snowshoes are also constructed with lightweight and durable aluminum.

The Llghtweight aluminum toe crampons bite into hardpack and icy crust for a secure step in variable conditions, while the frame will help keep you aflorat in even the deepest fresh snow conditions.

The Venture snowshoes also feature the Fit-Step frame and a responsive RII pivot system to promote a smoother, easier stride, and natural foot position in all conditions.

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The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get one:
Tubbs Venture Series Snowshoe – Men’s

Why it Rocks:

  • Fit-StepTM frame promotes a comfortable, natural stride.
  • Energy efficient, the Rotating Toe Cord optimizes stability, control and traction, while minimizing fatigue and discomfort
  • ReAct binding fits any men’s boot to size 13. Asymmetric (L/R) design with Cinch Pull for easy exit.
  • Patented Control WingTM technology for security and control.
    SureTrac aluminum crampon system provides reliable traction.
  • ‘Split Claw’ design grips while climbing and descending.
    Heel crampon grabs on descents
  • .

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 8.5 out of 10

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced snowshoer, most will find that the Tubbs Venture series are great, lightweight and easy to use. With features that make this series of snowshoe work well in tougher conditions with steeper inclines and ice, these snowshoes are great for those wanting to get out into the backcountry for the first time, or for those hoping to stick mostly on hardpack trails. A good value and dependable snowshoe overall.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get ‘em:
Tubbs Venture Series Snowshoe – Men’s