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Tubbs Ridgeline Snowshoes

20070208Tubbs Ridgeline Snowshoes—a female specific snowshoe for long winter treks or forays into tough terrain in the backcountry

While the Tubbs Mountain series snowshoe will suit the guys just fine out in the backcountry on long treks through variable conditions and steep terrain, the ladies out there need their own snowshoe for conquering the tough stuff.

Designed with a woman’s lower center of gravity and shorter stride, the Tubbs Ridgeline snowshoes are the female version of their Mountain male counterpart. The snowshoes are constructed with the same 7000 series aluminum frames, which are 20% lighter and 57% stronger than industry-standard 6000 Series Aluminum.

The snowshoes also feature stainless steel crampons with long, sharp teeth under the balls of your feet give you optimal traction as you ascend and descend snow and traverse ice. To provide additional traction and stability, the snowshoes also have a rotating toe cord that ensures the snowshoe frame drops when you lift your foot, allowing the snow to slough off and your crampons to grip.

Outside Online Magazine writes about the Tubbs Ridgeline Snowshoes:

They’re a big 30-inch-long snowshoe for big loads, and they have features such as extra-tough 7000-series aluminum frames, long, sharp crampons, and a beefy binding that’s easy to use when wearing gloves and that offers lots of support when sidehilling or climbing steeply. Wear these puppies when ferrying a big load on a weekend or week-long winter trip.

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The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get them:
Tubbs Women’s Wilderness Snowshoes

Why they Rock:

    • 360 Bindings that feature a dual-material, integrated fit system, fully molded upper with contoured padded tongue and X-Strap closure system to increase comfort.
    • Form-fitting, asymmetric (left foot / right foot specific) base, with patented Control Wings™, provides full coverage and security.
    • Stainless steel crampon system is ergonomically centered directly under key areas of impact (forefoot and heel) for maximum grip throughout the stride.
    • Ultra long, razor sharp crampon teeth penetrate wind packed snow and icy pitches. Lateral and tiered heel crampon deliver superior sidehill and downhill traction.
    • Rotating Toe Cord – makes for the most efficient pivot system. Zero resistance throughout the stride – tail drops as you pick up your snowshoe, allowing the snow to shed off the back, eliminating fatigue.
    • Maximum crampon penetration – as the tail drops, the nose of the snowshoe rises, allowing the toe crampon to fully grip the snow.
    • Frame is 20% lighter and 57% stronger than industry-standard 6000 Series aluminum.
    • Unique tapered frame for enhanced maneuverability.
    • Advanced sublimated and screen printing processes resulting in crisp high quality graphics.

Seat-of-the pants rating: 6 out of 10

While these snowshoes seem to have all the bells and whistles for the makings of a great backcountry snowshoe on paper, they may not measure up quite as well out in the outdoors. Trailspace editor, who originally loved the snowshoes, said that the “balls of the feet hurt with cinching the straps, my feet became numb with hikes longer than 2 miles” and that the “snowshoe completely fell apart (the whole back part shattered) in 10 degree weather on flat ground.”

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get ‘em:
Tubbs Women’s Wilderness Snowshoes