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Tubbs Mountain Snowshoes

413tfsswtzl_sl500_aa280_Tubbs Mountain Snowshoes– Extra long stainless steel teeth on toe, lateral and tiered heel bite that allows you to explore the challenging steep ascents of the backcountry

If you are looking for a high performance snowshoe that will help you conquer even the most treacherous, steep and tough terrain, then you’ll want to opt for a pair of snowshoes like the Tubbs Mountain series.

Built specifically to handle rigged ascents (and descents), the Tubbs Mountain series snowshoes have a Rigid Control binding system that maximizes control and heel retention, helping you hike more efficiently.

The snowshoes also feature stainless steel crampons with long, sharp teeth under the balls of your feet give you optimal traction as you ascend and descend snow and traverse ice. To provide additional traction and stability, the snowshoes also have a rotating toe cord that ensures the snowshoe frame drops when you lift your foot, allowing the snow to slough off and your crampons to grip.

In addition to providing great traction even in the toughest conditions, the Tubbs Mountain series are also designed to be lighter and easier to hike in. The 7000 frame is 20% lighter and 57% stronger than industry-standard 6000 Series Aluminum. The unique tapered frame also enhances maneuverability.

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The Quick & Dirty:
Where you can get ‘em:
Tubbs Mountaineer Series Snowshoe – Men’s

Why they Rock:

    • Men’s snowshoes designed for serious backcountry and winter expedition use
    • Momentum SuperLite 7000 frame maximizes maneuverability while reducing weight
    • ActiveFit+ binding system fits snowboard boots, mountaineering boots, and most others
    • ActiveLift heel lift makes climbing easier while reducing calf muscle fatigue
    • Ideal for extreme conditions, including deep powder and frozen wind pack; lifetime warranty

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

If you are a badass mountaineering man and need a pair of equally badass snowshoes to help get you through the snow and ice on climbs and ascents in the backcountry, than the Tubbs Mountain Snowshoes are a solid choice. With a lighter, stronger frame than the industry standard, strong crampons and durable decks and bindings that help stabilize you on steep and icy terrain, these snowshoes have the features to take you into some of the most amazing backcountry spots.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get ‘em:
Tubbs Mountaineer Series Snowshoe – Men’s