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TSA Staff to Go Postal?

I have been waiting for the day when one of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration employees goes postal. How the deal with so many idiotic travelers is beyond me. Granted some of them have transformed there minuscule amount of power into some God like reign, but still, how can one handle the mess of holiday travel?

Airport Check In
Until recently my thoughts of disgruntle TSA staff were nothing more than a Nostradamus like prediction, but upon reading the Vagabondish Blog I became a little concerned. Am I the only one that thinks this much contraband around TSA staff is scary?

Every year the TSA confiscates piles of knives, booze, drugs, shanks, and now shampoo bottles. As one would imagine, this juvie style contraband has to end up somewhere. I’m not sure if these weapons warehouses have official names, but I like to call them the Lost Luggage Warehouse for the Budget Conscious Criminal. (mildly funny I know)

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