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Try Glamping! 10 Non-Essential Items For Un-Rugged Camping

3475199344_22c0327a80The idea of camping might sound appealing to you if it wasn’t for sleeping on the cold hard ground, questionable food, and going days without a shower.

For many people roughing it just isn’t for them.  But you have to admit that waking up to a cup of steamy hot espresso at a little known National Park or cozying up to your loved one in a double-wide sleeping bag on a comfy air mattress while camping across Europe does sound nice.

Many travelers are finding that they actually enjoy camping if there is a little glamour tossed in and this new trend has created a whole new travel term.  The luxury seeking camper is now known as the “Glamper.”

Organized glamping tours are increasingly popular and feature all sorts of exposure to the great outdoors without the “roughing it” of traditional camping trips.  The level of luxury varies with some glampers staying in classy yurts with all the amenities while others find creative ways to add a bits of glamour into their current camping customs.

Organized glamping trips often come with a hefty price tag so for a taste of glamping start out by adding a little bit of luxury with these fine camp accessories.

Aero Bed(1) Inflatable Air Mattresses

A plush inflatable air mattress is necessary for any lavish camping trip since even the best camp pads on the market can’t come close to the comforts of a real bed.  With a soft, velvety sleep surface and comfortable stable design, the Aero Bed is as close as you can get to a luxurious hotel mattress in the woods.  Plus it is easy to set up, the Aero Bed blows up with just the flip of a switch with its built in battery-powered pump.

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Kelty Supernova(2) Double Wide Couples Sleeping Bags

The latest sleeping bags just don’t zip together as well as the old ones so it is a good thing gear companies released a slew of double bags this year.  Kelty’s Supernova comfortably fits two plus it can covert from a double to a single by zipping off the top bag and the bottom bag can be used as a standalone blanket.   The Supernova is made with quality 600-fill goose down and is rated down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Coleman Nightstand(3) Inflatable Nightstand With Checkers

Coleman’s Inflatable Nightstand With Checkers is both a nightstand and a chess/checkers table and can also function as a seat or footstool.  The inflatable stand has an interior compartment that can act like a cooler, trashcan, storage bin, or magazine rack.  Best part is the nightstand can easily deflate in seconds to make packing up a cinch.

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(4) Camp Loveseats

Every glamper needs a comfortable camp chair so why not choose a champ chair built for two.  The Kelty Loveseat is wide enough to sit two comfortable side-by-side and is complete with cup holders for each person.

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Bye Easy Hammock(5) Portable Hammocks

Portable, camp hammocks are great for resting up after the morning hike or maybe you want to skip the hike altogether and lounge away the day.  The Byer Easy Traveller Hammock is as big as a queen-size bed and is easily slung between two trees and the ENO DoubleNest Hammock has more than enough room for two.

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GSI Kitchen Set(6) Gourmet Kitchen Accessories

No need to skimp on meals or rely on freeze-dried meals when glamping.  Grate cheese, chop veggies, and whisk eggs with GSI’s Deluxe Kitchen Set.  The kit includes every kitchen utensil imaginable in a neat zippered case.  The set includes a grater, whisk, spatula, spoon, cutting board, salt and pepper shakers and more.

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(7) Wine Karafe and Camp Wine Glasses

Stash a wine karafe into your backpack and trek out to the scenic overlook to watch the sunset or just cozy up to your loved one on the loveseat and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the stars come out from camp.  Kleen Kanteen’s Wine Karafe holds a standard bottle of wine and pairs nicely with GSI’s new Stemless Wine Glasses, which have a lower center of gravity that keeps them from tipping over on uneven ground.

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GSI Espreso(8) Mini-Espresso Maker

None need for gritty French press or instant camp coffee, indulge in a cup of steamy hot espresso.  GSI’s Mini Espresso Maker makes a cup of espresso in as little as 90 seconds over a camp stove.

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(9) Solar Shower

Not necessarily luxurious, a solar camp shower is a necessity if your campground does not offer shower facilities.  The Seattle Sports Solar Shower heats up in around 3 hours and delivers a warm shower to campers.  Just hang the bag on the tree and enjoy, but make sure to be discrete when choosing your shower’s location or planning on keeping your swimsuit on when bathing.

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31z0q1o51tl_aa300_(10) Glamorous Adventure Wear

Gone are the days of hideous looking cargo shorts and clunky looking hiking boots – the days of styling outdoors apparel are upon us.  Outdoor gear companies have really stepped up their designs as of late giving the outdoors a fresh look with their trendy yet functional clothing designs.  REI features a huge range of clothing made for the outdoors from eco-friendly fleeces and trendy board shorts to adventure sandals and travel dresses made from technical wicking materials.

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