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Travelistic, the YouTube of Travel

TravelisticToday was Travelistic’s official public release, and they aim to give you inspiration for travel. With iFilm and MTVi exec’s dreaming this up, they’ve no doubt got some good connections, and the resources to make it fly. Whether they’re hoping for a billion-dollar buyout from Google is anyone’s guess (who wouldn’t take that?) but in the mean time, get your travel lust on at

Jaunted is already searching for bikini-clad chicks in the tropics, so we’ll pass on that. Unfortunately, most of my searches for unique places such as Kazakhstan, Tibet and Libya that I’d really like to see more of just don’t have any video results yet.

You can upload your own videos, and it seems if they like your submission, you could have an offer on the table:

Travelistic is looking for talent for travel shows we’re developing. We’ll review all uploads and will contact you if we like what we see.

Verdict: They’re still young. With critical mass, they will surely be a site to watch and get some great insider travel tips, see what the Travel Channel leaves out of their videos, and don’t forget to search for chicks too. Or guys, if that’s your thing. Wonder if we’ll see any Iraqui videos of suicide bombers or snipers?