Travel Wallet 2.0

Wallet 2.0A company named Aeroportz (How do you brand your company in beta?) just launched a new type of wallet they brand as the Wallet 2.0.

This new design features a soft silicone outer case (they tout that it’s enviro-friendly) and refill sheets inside to keep your junk sorted. It looks like you’d be hard pressed to be able to turn this into a George Costanza wallet.




“Wallet 2.0 is not just a wallet; it’s the symbol for the new generation. Many life objects around us changed a lot in the past hundreds of years, but not our wallet. I think it’s time to make something different. I try to approach this issue by introducing this innovative Wallet 2.0. The attracting new concept, with just $29.95 each, the only decision to make is what color you like?” said Steve Gates, Designer of Wallet 2.0 in a press release yesterday.

It’s not very apparent where you can buy one just now, but if you’re interested you can at least check out a flash demo – how many other wallets do you know that have a flash demo?