Travel Valet Tray

travel valet tray
When traveling, have you ever run into the dilemma of what to do with your loose change? I absolutely hate it when I end up back in my hotel room and am forced to discard my pockets contents onto the hotels nightstand. Luckily, there is a company who caters to the obsessive compulsive type such as myself.

Thanks to the folks at Royce leather, you can buy a portable coin tray, or as they like to call it, a “travel valet tray.” In case the minimal amount of room it takes up is too much, you can always un-snap the side so that it lays flat. After all, it wouldn’t be a travel valet tray if it didn’t transform to travel size.




So, if you are just lost without a place to put your pockets treasure and have money to spare, pick of a travel valet tray. An affordable $32 dollars will by you the peace of mind you need at the end of the day.