Travel Plan Blog Idea: Site Review

This is a sponsored post. The opinions expressed are those of the staff writers at BootsnAll.

When we checked in with the Travel Plan Idea Web site a few months ago, we found a few technical glitches that took away from the site’s value to the user. A recent visit to the site shows that the biggest glitch – chiefly links to external sites – has been worked out. As is often the case with blogs, a link to an external site can be the chief value of a post so this is a welcomed improvement, especially since the site does a nice job of finding travel odds and ends from around the Web.

As for the site itself, Travel Plan Idea is still being updated a few times a day on a daily basis. It offers a veritable hodgepodge of travel-related posts ranging from reviews of a resort in the Philippines to advice on where to stay while on vacation with the kids in Delaware to suggestions Americans traveling in Sweden.




In other words, the site is all over the map both literally and figuratively, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Undoubtedly if you read the blog every day and subscribe to the RSS feed there will be some topics that excite you and some that do not. That is the nature of a general travel blog such as this one. If you are able to take the time to cull through the posts, you will find nuggets of valuable information.

It is also worth noting that the site does have a fairly sizable readership and oftentimes the best information comes in the comments section where people freely chime in with stories of their own experiences and their own advice. Some of the best posts, in fact, come from user submitted stories and questions.

Because the site has been around for a while and has a substantial number of posts, some of the best information requires a bit of work to find. One thing that could make the site easier to navigate would be a tag system with each post and the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds for specific topics or subjects. For example, when we did a search for “Sweden” a few previous blog entries were listed in the search results but when we tried to subscribe to an RSS feed just for that subject the site did not allow it even though it said we could.