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Travel Packs

Travel Packs – Luggage made for travel.

Travel packs are truly designed with the avid traveler in mind. From the week long traveler to the professional, travel packs get the job done. These types of packs give you all of the features of conventional luggage and the convince of a backpack, all with designed with the traveler in mind.

travel packs

Looking over the features of any travel pack, it’s plain to see that they were designed by travelers. Many travel packs have features such as removable daypacks, duffle type main compartments, waist and sternum straps, and much more.

For the traveler who is in and out of hotels as much as they are hostels, there are even travel packs on wheels. You can have all the benefits of a travel pack, but on wheels; perfect for all the miles footwork from check-in to the gate.

Interested in picking up a travel pack for your next trip? Check out these top rated travel packs:

What’s the difference in a rolling backpack and a travel pack?

A rolling backpack is just that, typically it is a backpack with wheels and a handle. Some rolling backpacks have elements of a travel pack, such as; a detachable day pack, larger main compartment, etc. Most rolling backpacks are FAA carry on approved.

A travel pack is design is a lot like a piece of luggage with shoulder straps. Some travel packs are designed as duffle bag style, while others have the traditional suitcase look. Not all travel packs are carry on approved.

If you are one of the people who live out of their pack, you might find a travel pack a little bit easier. Travel packs answer almost every need of the traveler on the go.

What do you think about travel packs? Are they the perfect answer for the professional traveler?