Travel Gear & Photography Forum Threads – Week of 9/22/06

Check out these topics currently being discussed on the Travel Gear and Photography forums at BootsnAll:

  • ChristineHind asks, “To Palm, or Not to Palm?” She’s weighing her options, and needs some input – Blackberry? Palm Pilot? Paper and pen?
  • Everybody’s got that one travel gadget they won’t leave home without, right? Rain22 asks what your favorite travel gadget is – and some of the responses are great. There’s the predictable (all-in-one tools), and the wearable (the perfect shoes), but I think my favorite is the eating utensils mentioned by mikeym – if for no other reason than they’re so dang cool-looking! So what’s your favorite travel tool?
  • For his next trip, djperry is trying to figure out what wide angle lens to bring for his Canon Rebel XTi. He’s getting some good advice – get behind your favorite product.

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