Travel Gear & Photography Forum Threads for the week of October 2, 2006

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  • Photographing people can be tricky business, especially in certain countries. Supraintendent asks about travel photography etiquette – do you always ask permission? Do you just use a long lens? Do you, as Supraintendent suggests, carry a small Polaroid camera with you so you can give them a photo in return for the one you take? What’s your solution?
  • Having a sweet digital SLR is great, but what about when you just want something small and light to take to a show or the club? Xoom is asking for camera recommendations, hoping to find something that uses Compact Flash memory cards, since she’s got a bunch of them already. What’s your perfect compact camera?
  • Finding the perfect backpack can be a challenge no matter who you are – but it’s especially difficult if you’re small. Tish is struggling to find the perfect backpack she thinks she’ll be able to carry long-term – something that won’t break her back, and yet will still allow her to carry enough for her journey. The general consensus seems to be that one must try on every pack in a store… And then probably go to the next store and do the same thing. If you’ve got a suggestion for the perfectly-sized pack, chances are it’ll be welcome!
  • Kj115 is tent-hunting, and has some specific requirements. She’s narrowed her list down, and is looking for feedback on her finalists – or suggestions for options she might not have thought of.

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