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Travel Gear & Photography Forum Threads for the week of March 5, 2007

Check out the topics currently being discussed on the Travel Gear and Photography forums at BootsnAll:

  • Xoom is in the market for a wheeled carry-on bag, and doesn’t know what brands to check out. What are your recommendations?
  • Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you necessarily want to “smell” like a traveler… But some of the clothing that’s marketed as “travel clothing” has a tendency to get stinky fast. Londontype is looking for something to add to the usual laundry detergent for sink laundering that will help… Any ideas?
  • Is an electric immersion water boiler worth taking on a trip? Dezafinado is considering one, for making instant coffee, noodles, soup, etc. – but there are mixed reviews on whether it would even be useful.
  • This thread is really about whether waterproof digital cameras (or waterproof housings) are really waterproof, and whether people like them… But what I love about this thread are the pictures people have posted! Makes me want to get a waterproof camera!
  • Choosing the right lens to travel with is almost as important as choosing the right camera. And do you bring one lens that can do it all (or almost all) or do you bring two lenses? For a year-long trip, Nishant Keerikatte is trying to make those decisions. What do you think?

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