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Travel Gear & Photography Forum Threads for the week of January 29, 2007

Check out the topics currently being discussed on the Travel Gear and Photography forums at BootsnAll:

  • Fallenleafs has been hunting for a versatile daypack – he ended up getting the MEI Voyageur, but found some other interesting-looking ones along the way including the Talmid Convertible Briefcase. He’s posted some pictures of his MEI Voyageur, as someone noted they’re hard to find online.
  • A good backpack is the key to a successful backpacking trip, right? So it makes sense it’s among the most common topics on the boards! TommyM plans to do a lot of walking during his Europe trip, and is looking for suggestions for the right backpack. We might need a little more information on this one to make a good recommendation, but if you’ve got a suggestion already, chime in!
  • ABCinATL bought a hair straightener in Germany last year, and would like to keep using it now that she’s back in the US – only the plug doesn’t fit. A coworker found a plug converter, but it doesn’t stay together very well. Does anyone know where she can get a good converter?
  • Redleader is traveling soon, and would like to get a cell phone that will work in Singapore and Hong Kong. It would be great if the same store (online or otherwise) also carried global SIM cards or location-specific SIM cards, too. Any thoughts?

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