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Travel Gear & Photography Forum Threads for the week of February 19, 2007

Check out the topics currently being discussed on the Travel Gear and Photography forums at BootsnAll:

  • When you’re backpacking long-term and you’re limited in the amount of stuff you can carry, how do you pack for both warm and cold climates? Dharker wants to know.
  • Tokyored is hoping someone with experience using the LL Bean Bigelow Day Pack can attest to its usefulness
  • Once you’ve got all your belongings laid out and ready to pack, it sucks to realize your backpack feels too heavy. Dezafinado has listed everything in his pack, and is looking for suggestions of what to remove to make his pack lighter.
  • Apparently cameras don’t like Red Bull baths… Nerokerr found out the hard way and needs a new camera.
  • For those travelers who bring along expensive camera equipment when they travel, securing the equipment when you’re off for a swim is critical. Markus wants to know what others do with their valuables when they’re not being used.

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