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Travel Games – Making Friends on the Go

travel-gamesI am seriously like the Bobby Fisher of all things board game related. I once went two months without losing a game of Scrabble, and I’m a terrible speller. (Thank God for spell check) Last time I visited Costa Rica I brought along Magic the Gathering cards, lame I know, but tons of fun.

My travel buddies and I would be sitting around a hand made table, dirking cheap beer and smoking special cigarettes, while we played this lame fantasy card game. You’d think every passerby would attempt to steal our lunch money and gives us wedgies, but they didn’t. In fact, you’d be surprised out how many people stopped and wanted to play.

Ever since then I have made it a point to make some room in my backpack for games. Games just seem to be an instant ice breaker, but go and add some grass and a bottle of rum, and it’s a downright bonding experience.

With backpack space being at a premium, what games do you pack? Here are some of my favorites:
Catch Phrase
Magic the Gathering
Skip – Bo

Do you have any travel games you like to play on the road? Do tell!