Travel Brush With Mirror

Travel Brush With MirrorAfter traveling for 28 hours to Australia you’re for sure going to want to clean up your looks a bit before heading out to grab some of that banned-in-the-US vegemite and mixing it up with the local folks.

If you’re not heeding the advice, you’ll no doubt hear the sheilas hollering at ya to rack off! Reckon.

Av-a-go-yer-mug, and pick up a Travel Brush with Mirror. Not only can you check how bad your hair is, you can give it a go and line it all straight and stuff.




And at only $10.29 shipped (USD – not them Aussie 1/2 dollars) you’d be a flamin’ galah not to take advantage of this deal. Fair dinkum!

That’s right – I didn’t think you wanted to be a flamin’ galah. So go buy one now from