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Top Discovery Channel Moments

Top Discovery Channel Moments – My top 3 picks.

Im not much for TV unless its LOST or House. The rest of TV is pretty much crap. I have a life, I don’t need reality TV to show me what living is like. Regardless of my distaste for TV, the Discovery channel always seems to pull me in. Maybe I’m an information junkie or maybe Im just to lazy to change the channel. One things for sure though, when you see a great white shark jump six feet out of the water, its hard to look away.

Here are my top 3 Discovery Channel moments:

3.Bear Gryls Drinks From Elephant Dung – We have all heard about this, but its something you have to see to believe. I would have to do some real soul searching before I picked up a pile of elephant shit, let alone drink from it.

2. African Hunting Dogs
– I think these are Hyenas, but I could be wrong. Watch how they plan a hunt with scounts, decoys, and flanking parties. It is nothing short of amazing. They operate like a military special forces team hunting down a target.

1. Shark Jumping – This clip come from my favorite mini-series, the Planet Earth. You’re missing out if you havent seen this show yet. This clip is of a huge killer whale jumping six feet out of the water after a seal. When I say six feet, I mean the ENTIRE shark is six feet above the water.