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Top 5 Convertible Pants

Top 5 Convertible Pants – perfect for summer adventure travel

Convertible pants are a must have for any backpacking trip or summer adventure. If you plan on hiking the mountains of Georgia, going on an African Safari or just lounging around your campsite, convertible pants are an invaluable piece of equipment. Obviously, the versatility of convertible pants is the true selling point, but each pair of convertible pants have their own special features that make them unique. Whether it be the price, the fabric, or craftsmanship; they all differ, if only slightly. So here are my top 5 picks for convertible pants.

Mountain Hardwear Matterhorn Convertible Pant – Men’s

The Mountain Hardwear Convertible Pack Pants come with all the basic features you need in convertible pants. A ton of pockets give you plenty of places to stash your camera, multi-tool, lip balm, or other favorite gadgets you need in the backcountry.  Reinforced seat and knees give ensure long lasting wear in rocky terrain.

Buy Now: $99


ExOfficio Ziwa Insect Shield Convertible Pants – Men’s

The Exofficio Ziwa pants dry quickly and wick moisture effectively with its lightweight nylon plus they are wrinkle resistant to boot.  An odorless Insect Shield Repellent keeps biting insects at bay and UPF 30+ keeps you protected from the sun.

Buy Now: $85


Columbia Sportswear Silver Ridge Convertible Pants – Men’s

The Columbia Sportswear Silver Ridge Convertible Pants are just all around great convertible pants. With a little bit of everything the pants offer ample pocket room, sun protection, and superior ventilation. They are also made with quick drying material that pulls away moisture quickly and dries fast.

Buy Now: $54


Mountain Hardwear Mesa Convertible Pants – Men’s

So many of the convertible pants out there convert to what feels like old school gym shorts so the Mesa pretty much rocks with its comfortable, relaxed fit and lightweight feel.  The Mesa will keep you protected from the sun with its 5o+ UPF and articulated knees provide a full range of motion to keep you moving in the great outdoors.

Buy Now: $74


Mountain Hardware Yuma – Women’s

And lastly, we have something for the ladies. There aren’t more ladies convertible pants on this list because, well, I don’t make it a habit of wearing ladies pants (in public) so I don’t know much about them. What I do know, is that these are a popular pick, because they convert into capris instead of shorts. The pants also dry quickly, are lined with a comfy Micro-Chamois polyester, and protect from the sun with its UPF 50+.

Buy Now: $75