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Thule Car Roof Rack Systems

Roof racks are great for their versatility. You can adapt a roof rack to carry just about any outdoor gear item like skis, snowboards, bikes, canoes, and kayaks. You can also use a cargo box to stash all your camping, biking, or climbing gear out of the way.

Thule, as well as Yakima, is one of the main companies that manufacture roof rack systems. Thule also makes some sweet travel bags like the Thule Crossover Backpack and Thule Crossover Carry-On.

What you need:

Some vehicles come equipped with factory-installed towers, siderails, or other mounting points and other come with a bare roof so you will need to build your own rack system from scratch. For starters, it’s a good idea to plug your car’s info into the Thule Rack Finder. The Rack Finder will tell you what you’ll need to be able to carry any Thule rack based on the make and model of your car.

If you don’t already have factory-installed rack, it is going to cost you quite a bit to get started. You’re going to need to purchase a set of towers, like the Thule Crossroad Railing, and a set of load beams, like the Thule Rapid Aero Bars.

What you can carry:

Like Yakima Roof Racks, Thule Roof Racks can accommodate ski/snowboard racks, bike racks, kayak/canoe carriers, and cargo boxes and roof bags. Here are some recommended Thule roof racks for a variety of outdoor gear:

Ski Racks

Bike Racks

Boat Racks

Gear Boxes