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Thule Peloton Bike Fork Mount

Thule Peloton Bike Fork Mount – best-selling roof top bike rack

Roof top racks are the most versatile type of bike racks for your car and they offer the most protection.  The Thule Peloton Bike Fork Mount is simple to install, fairly easy to get your bike on and off of, and affordable.  No wonder it has been one of the best-selling roof top racks for years.

The Thule Peloton Bike Fork Mount is a pretty simple rack that attaches directly to the factory installed load bars on your car.  If you do not have factory installed crossbars the rack is going to cost quite a bit more than just the cost of the fork mount since you will need to also purchase a clamp set and crossbars.  It can be quite the investment upfront but well worth it since you will be able to add additional racks for skis or kayaks to the setup.

Your bike attaches to the Peloton bike rack at the fork (meaning the front tire is removed and stored inside the car) and the back tire.  Then you simply secure the back strap, tighten the fork mount, and are ready to go.  The rack fits all standard disc brake/suspension forks and tire widths up to 2.6 inches wide.

The quick & dirty:
Where you can find one:
Amazon: $117

Why they rock:

  • Fork mount fits all standard 9mm axles
  • Wheel tray fits tire widths up to 2.6 inches wide
  • Fits both square and round cross bar systems
  • Compatible with Thule’s one-key system

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

The only real disadvantages of a rooftop bike carrier are that the bikes can experience some wind resistance and lower your car’s gas mileage and they can be difficult to load for some.  I am pretty short so I have to park strategically next to the curb so I can get a little extra height hoisting my bike onto the mount.  I’ve been meaning to find a stool to keep in my car for such a situation but there always seems to be someone taller around to help out.  Once you get the bike up it is pretty easy to get it into the mount and secure it.

I’ve found fork mounts to be a bit easier to maneuver rather than full-bike mounts, but trunk racks and hitch racks are much easier to load.  I like the versatility of the roof rack so it is totally worth the extra effort to get your bike all the way up there – maybe I just need to invest in a lighter bike.

Looking to buy? Here’s where you can get one:
Amazon: $117