ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots: Custom Molded to Your Feet

ThirtyTwo Snowboard BootsThirtyTwo have issued a release stating that all their snowboard boots are now custom molded to your feet.

There’s been some questioning about whether this is “new” or not, and just because ThrityTwo issued a press release about it, doesn’t settle anything. Quite a few times, companies will release similar press releases to troll for more coverage as a marketing effort. That’s what press releases are all about – marketing.

The concept is pretty cool, although it’s not all that new in the winter sports industry. Ski boot manufacturers have been doing this for some time – well at least the more expensive ones have.




I think this is a great idea, and more manufacturers should follow suit. I’ve owned a couple pair of snowboard boots, including ThirtyTwo brand, and they all are hideously uncomfortable for the first season. Even after that, I’m not all that enthused about wearing them. But I’m really picky about my shoes, so why should this be any different?

ThirtyTwo would also like to remind you that you aren’t supposed to try and mold your own liners at home, especially in the oven.