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The North Face Fulcrum 35 Pack

The North Face Fulcrum 35 Pack – Multi sport daypack.
I enjoy the long two week plus backpacking trips just as much as the next guy. Unfortunately I don’t have time in my life to take extended hikes like that on a regular basis anymore. I tend to do a lot of intense over nighters or weekend hikes. Because most of my outdoor trips are short in length and time, I don’t really need to worry about bring much gear. What I do need is a backpack that is versatile enough to keep up with what ever outing I am feeling up to at the moment, but small enough that I don’t have a lot of excess space and weight. The North Face Fulcrum 35 Pack seems to fit that bill quite nicely.

One thing I really like about the North Face Fulcrum 35 Pack is the fact that it is both a top loading pack and front loading. While this might seem like a small feature, it is actually quite nice. The reason I enjoy it is because I do a variety of activities outdoors, some of which require large and bulky gear. Having the choice whether to top load or front load the pack makes it a lot easier to pack based on the gear involved.

The North Face Fulcrum 35 Pack also sports plenty of full sized backpack features as well. As far as carrying goes, the pack has padded shoulder straps, a sternum strap, and a nice waist belt. All of these work together quite nicely to to help evenly distribute your load no matter how awkward or bulky it is. Another plus when it comes to gear heavy sports is that the North Face Fulcrum 35 Pack also features a number of tie downs and lash points on the outside of the pack.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one: $129

Why they rock:

  • Molded E-VAP back panel features air channels for cooling circulation
  • Hydration-compatible design features reservoir pocket and drink tube exit port for on-the-go hydration (reservoir sold separately)
  • Dual-density padded shoulder straps, adjustable hipbelt and sternum strap help distribute weight evenly for comfortable, stable carrying
  • Front- and top-loading main compartment is easy to load and unload
  • Vertical zippered front stash pocket holds other small items that you want within easy reach
  • Side water bottle pocket expands inward to help the pack maintain a sleek profile
  • Compression straps, trekking pole loops and tool loops let you secure extra gear onto pack’s exterior
  • The North Face Fulcrum 35 pack is constructed with airbag fabric and ballistic nylon for extreme durability

Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

If you are like me and into a variety of outdoor activities, then the North Face Fulcrum 35 Pack should be worth checking out. It really is a great all around day pack. It can handle everything from a short day hike at your local park, to a full day of climbing that has 5 mile accent hike. No matter what the activity, the North Face Fulcrum 35 Pack has got you covered by offering plenty of room and a comfortable fit. Really though, you cant beat $129 for a quality North Face day pack like this.

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