The North Face Altimont Jacket Review

The North Face Altimont Hoodie
The North Face Altimont Hoodie Windbreaker/Jacket is one of my new favorite fall (or spring) jackets. It’s super light weight, and very wind resistant. As an added bonus, it also appears to repel water especially well considering that’s not something they even list on the product tag.

The quick & dirty:

Where you can get one:
BootsnAll Travel Gear Store $45.00
US Outdoor Store $45.00

Why it rocks:

  • Super Light Weight
  • Excellent Water Repellency
  • Bounces Back Quickly from Packing Wrinkles
  • Inexpensive
  • Good at stopping wind penetration
  • Why it bites:



  • Not Very Breathable
  • Seat-of-the-pants rating: 9 out of 10

    Long Winded Version:
    Wow! This thing repelled water as good as The North Face’s El Nino Jacket did during our in-use test. Considering it’s just supposed to be a wind breaker, this really impressed me.

    The Altimont hoodie (“hoodie” makes me think of sweat shirts, not windbreakers) handles wind well, and is super light to pack. It also bounced back really well from the pack-it-while-wet-anywhere-you-can-stuff-it test, with no residual wrinkles left.

    It’s a just bit oversize so it makes it really easy to layer under, which I’ve been doing on almost a daily basis with my (gasp) Columbia Fleece. Another great feature is the light weight of the North Face Altimont Hoodie, allowing for very minimal extra weight for packing, and it only takes up a little space in your backpack.

    Priced at only $45.00 which I find pretty cheap, even for a shell-only windbreaker. If the product is good, my perceived-value index goes up.

    When I learn how to sail next spring, this will surely be on the list of things to bring along.

    Wanna buy one? You can get it from here:
    BootsnAll Travel Gear Store $45.00
    US Outdoor Store $45.00